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Treatment Options Offered at Simon Kramer
At the Simon Kramer Cancer Institute, we make it our priority to provide personalized care
to every individual. Our team of experts want you to know that you are not alone. We promise
to be right there alongside of you, every step of the way. Using state of the art technologies
the Simon Kramer Cancer Institute specializes in multiple radiation therapy procedures to fit
your needs, treat your specific illness and help you through treatment with reduced side effects.

Below is a list of our various treatment options. You can learn more about each treatment
by clicking on each link for a more in-depth description.


GRID Therapy




Simon Kramer Cancer Institute
Every individual is unique as the cancer they face. Here at Simon Kramer
your treatment option is selected and personalized to effectively treat your illness.
Contact our office today and meet with our experts to decide which treatment option
will be best for you.
Complimentary second opinion regarding your cancer treatment plan is available upon
request. Kindly call our office for a confidential consultation.